Weather Equipment

We market climate systems such as VRF, Chiller, chillers, handlers, split, multisplit, rooftop, Fancoil and window air. This line has technical support for its assembly and spare parts are supplied.

Air ducts

Polyurethane panels coated with aluminum foil used for the construction of cold or hot air ducts and accessories that are used for the construction of these.

Accessories and Equipment for Climate and Refrigeration System

They are products manufactured according to the needs of the client, with all the technical information for the selection of products that can be: grids, diffusers, filters, sound attenuators, mufflers, extractors, injectors, etc.


The hydraulic division presents a system of polypropylene PP-R cross-linked thermo-fusion piping in which pipes and fittings can be found that allow the transfer of different fluids (from water to gases) with the highest safety.


We have wide range insulation systems with which we offer solutions to a wide range of applications, from buildings to locomotion, from the petrochemical industry to renewable energy, insulation for thermal and acoustic applications. We have elastomeric system, fiberglass and rock wool.


We have technical support for the assembly and start-up of cold chambers, both freezing and maintenance, as well as spare parts, compressors, etc.


We present in our catalog different types of paints for use and application, we commercialize, varnishes and paints based on water, synthetic base, thinners, converters, and the line of bases and dyes for tintometers.


We have a wide range of products ranging from standard faucets, to single-lever faucets, timers, to sensors. With new designs, incorporating aesthetics, functionality and quality into the faucets. This makes our taps very competitive.


We have a wide catalog of ceramics all of the highest quality from different origins, Europe, America. The characteristics that define our products are design, quality, durability, functionality, aesthetics and competitiveness.